Audio / Video Analysis and Monitoring

At a Glance

SAMitor provides a feature-rich mosaic wall for rendering all video and audio content of Digital TV broadcasts. By using SAMcorder as I/O processor and de-multiplexer the SAMitor mosaic wall receives its audio/video inputs from various interfaces, such as live RF reception, live ASI inputs, live IP network inputs and from recorded Transport Stream files.


  • support of Digital TV standards ATSC, QAM, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, ISDB
  • support of a wide range of video codecs and audio codecs
  • creation of several A/V-walls with different dimensions
  • input via IP/UDP
  • input via Interprocess-Communication (IPC)
  • support of different input signals
    – Transport Stream – MPTS or SPTS
    – Video-PES
    – Video-Images
  • Transport Stream de-multipexing
  • monitoring of video processing
    – video freeze, video black, signal loss
  • monitoring of audio processing
    – audio freeze, audio silence, signal loss
  • monitoring input signal regarding A/V-standard parameters and data rate
  • streaming of A/V PES data via IP
  • dump of A/V PES data
  • streaming Video image thumbnails via IP
  • dump of Video images
  • streaming of decoded Audio data
  • SNMP based monitoring of Audio/Video 
Video + Audio Mosaic Wall
The Audio/Video content of a Digital TV services gets displayed in a monitor tile. Several monitor tiles are combined to an A/V mosaic wall. Several A/V mosaic walls with different dimensions can be defined. The number of walls and the number of  tiles displayed within a mosaic wall are only limited by the memory and/or CPU resources of the machine where they are running on.
Beside the Audio/Video monitor tiles a tile with date, time and location info and tiles providing additional info can be defined, all arbitrarily adjustable.
Digital TV - Audio/Video Wall
SAMitor - Audio/Video Wall
Video + Audio Analysis and Monitoring

Beside the visual monitoring of the A/V content, SAMitor provides a comprehensive Video and Audio analysis.

Video Profile Monitoring
  • dimension, aspect ratio, frame-rate, interlacing
Video Quality Monitoring
  • video freeze, video black, signal loss
Audio Profile Monitoring
  • channels, sample-rate, bits/sample, block align
Audio Quality Monitoring
  • audio freeze, audio silence, signal loss
Digital TV Video and Audio Analysis and Monitoring
SAMitor - Video and Audio Analysis