Step 1 : Download & Installation

  • select the page ‘Downloads’ from the menu
  • choose the edition
  • download the appropriate Software
  • start the Installer
  • follow the instruction of the installation process
dtvTools Download

Step 2 : Test before you buy

Note: All applications of all packages/editions can be tested 30 days without any feature limits. If you want use this software beyond 30 days you have to buy a license. Otherwise you have to remove this software.

  • Start the appropriate application which you want to evaluate.
  • Each application which is not yet licensed starts with an dialog as shown on the right screenshot.
  • Enter the three digit code [1] and click ‘Continue’ [2] to start the application.
  • Note: The software is shareware and must be licensed if being used beyond the trial period of 30 days.
  • There are no feature limitations during the trial period.

Step 3 : Buy a license

  • A license can be ordered only online via our payment service.
  • If you want to buy a license for a specific package/edition then start an application from this package/edition and click the button ‘Buy License’ [1] in this application.
  • Your request gets forwarded automatically to our order page.
  • Fill in the requested form data.
  • Check [2] for the following agreement and finish the order process.
    “The license will be issued for use only on the computer which created the license request. The license is not transferable to another computer.”

Step 4 : Activate your license

  • You will receive your license key via e-mail.
  • Start an application from the package/edition for which you purchased a license key.
  • Click the button ‘Enter License’ [1]. A dialog gets opened where you can enter the appropriate license key via copy & paste.
  • Enter the license key [2] and click ‘OK’ [3] to store the license key.
  • Restart the application