RF-Measurement of DVB Broadcasts

At a Glance

SAMbuddy-RF provides comprehensive analysis features for real-time RF measurement of DVB broadcasts. The comprehensive SNMP based monitoring capabilities of SAMbuddy-RF allow to establish powerful RF monitoring solutions

  • support of DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C
  • supports a wide range of common RF receiver HW
  • no special RF receiver necessary
  • RF measurements : SignalStrength, C/N, MER, BERaV, PER, …
  • Stream Parameters : Modulation Standard, TS Bitrate, CellID, …
  • Modulation Parameters: Frequency, Bandwidth, CodeRate, Guard, …


  • Constellation Diagram
  • streaming entire TS for further analysis and monitoring
  • streaming Constellation Diagram snapshots
  • threshold configuration for each single parameter via comfortable GUI
  • SNMP based monitoring
  • comprehensive data logging
RF Receiver

SAMbuddy-RF supports receiver hardware – PCIe and USB – from various manufacturers. In following only few receiver cards are listed which are supported by SAMbuddy-RF, but much more get supported. To check the hardware support simply plug-in your hardware and starts the application SAMbuddy-RF. If no supported hardware could be found then you get an appropriate error message.Please note that a manufacturer sometimes change the used chipset of a listed receiver so that it cannot no longer be supported.

DVB-T / DVB-T2 / DVB-C Receiver 

TBS6205 – PCIe – TBS Technology
TBS6290(SE) – PCIe – TBS Technology
WinTV soloHD – USB – Hauppauge
WinTV dualHD – USB – Hauppauge

DVB-S / DVB-S2 Receiver

TBS6902 – PCIe – TBS Technology
TBS6908 – PCIe – TBS Technology


DVB RF-Measurement
SAMbuddy-RF - Main Window
Constellation Diagram

Beside RF parameter measurements as Signal Strength, SNR or MER, SAMbuddy-RF is able to display the constellation diagram for the current received signal.  

DVB Constellation Diagram
SAMbuddy-RF - Constellation Diagram


Field Monitoring of DVB Broadcasts

SAMbuddy-RF receives the DVB broadcast via RF. RF parameters are monitored continuously, 24/7 via SNMP. By using of additional dtvTools components further monitoring tasks can be realized:

  • the received TS gets streamed to SAMcorder
    • SAMcorder analyzes and monitors the TS on all technical layers, e.g.  MPEG, EPG, Subtitles, Teletext, DSM-CC, MHP …
    • SAMcorder de-multiplexes the TS and can stream any part of it to other tools at local or remote locations
  • the received TS gets streamed to SAMitor
    • SAMitor analyzes and monitors the Audio and Video content
    • SAMitor will display all videos in one or more video walls
SAMbuddy-RF Field Monitoring of DVB Broadcasts
Field Monitoring of DVB Broadcasts
Transport Stream Distribution

SAMbuddy-RF receives the TS via DVB.-S/-S2. The RF reception gets monitored 24/7 via SNMP. The received TS gets distributed to remote locations via IP/UDP.

Transport Stream Distribution and Monotoring
Transport Stream Distribution and Monotoring