ASN.1 Decoder

ASN.1 encoded message data are used in a lot of transmission protocols, e.g. SNMP. The dtvTools ASN.1 Decoder tool can be used for decoding of ASN.1 BER (Basic Encoding Rules) encoded binary data.


  • The ASN.1 Decoder provides two decoder modes
    •  data stream mode
    • value mode
  • The decoding results are represented in XML structures and will be displayed in a comfortable tree view.
  • In the result window, the input data grid values and the tree view values are mutually synchronized and highlighted.
  • The ASN.1 tag type,  tag length and  field value are highlighted separately by different colors.
  • Many additional functions, e.g. filter and search functions completing the feature set.
  • Single ASN.1 BER coded values such as object IDs etc. can be converted.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


  • free to use
ASN.1 BER Decoder
dtvTools ASN.1 Decoder
ASN.1 Decoder Result
ASN.1 Decoder - Result Window
For testing the ASN.1 Decoder copy the ASN.1 encoded message into the ‘Data Stream’ tab and click the ‘Decode’ button.

Example ASN.1 Message:

					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