Capture & Share

At a Glance

CaptShare is a powerful tool to capture a screen, parts of a screen or single windows, create image snapshots and/or video streams and share these to an unlimited number of remote locations or other devices. Use CaptShare in combination with dtvTools’ Digital TV monitoring solutions for visual confidence monitoring on many platforms and operating systems via HTTP, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) or IP/UDP.

Key Features

  • create unlimited number of captures
  • create unlimited shares for a capture
  • capturing the desktop of a monitor or all monitors
  • capturing of Virtual Monitors
  • capturing of windows, screen areas or files
  • create image snapshots and/or video streams


  • sharing via HTTP, HLS, UDP or FTP
  • own Web-Servers
  • support of already installed external Web-Servers
  •  Web-Socket for sharing of local Audio
  • image archive

Monitor / All Monitors
The entire screen of a monitor or of all monitors in multi-monitor environment  will be captured. Virtual Monitors are supported too.

Screen Area
An specific  part of a monitor screen will be captured. The desired screen area can be selected via an half-transparent window. In multi-monitor environment the screen area can be across of monitors.

An specific application window will be captured. All current application windows are listed so that it is very easy to select the desired one.

The newest image-file of an specific directory – jpg, png , bmp, svg – will be captured. Captured BMP image-files can be converted into JPG- or PNG-images

The local audio output can be captured and streamed via WebSocket to remote locations.

Screen Capture & Share
CaptShare - Screen Capture & Share

HLS – HTTP Live Streaming
If you want to capture and share the playback of videos or of fast-changing desktop content, HTTP Live Streaming is a good choice. The result video can be transcoded and get multiplexed in a Transport Stream.

For image snapshots the sharing via HTTP is recommended. The frequency, e.g. every 5 seconds, is configurable.

Sharing via IP/UDP is also supported.

→ Web-Server
An unlimited number of Web-Servers can be created. Also already installed Web-Servers can be used.

→ Web-Socket
Web-Sockets for streaming of captured local audio content can be defined.

→ Time-Display
The time-stamp of capturing can be inserted into the result video/image.

Capture and Share
capture video playback, appr. 25 MBit/s
Capture and Share
shared result video, appr. 2 MBit/s